So I accidently wrote my 2019 manifesto in a twitter reply…

Sometimes I answer questions on my CuriousCat account and on February 3, 2019 I was asked “What would you say in your main driving philosophy for 2019? My response was: Do more by doing less.

One of my twitter followers asked me to clarify what I meant by this and I accidentally summed up something I’ve been trying to put into words for the past two months:

“I did SO much stuff in 2018. I was home for maybe 5 weekends all year. I would teach or present or work or whatever in 4 states in a month and with chronic fatigue I would lose weeks in between to fatigue attacks and illness. Every cent I made went back into travelling to teach.

It was good though. I was able to capitalise on opportunities that I’d spent 5 years developing, build and legitimise my brand, get paid for more work than ever, have amazing experiences.

But it wasn’t sustainable: physically or emotionally or financially.

I’ve been lucky enough to turn the work I’ve done into a permanent job in my field. It’s not a lot of money but it’s security. It’s setting me up (slowly) to leave a living situation that isn’t safe. It’s legitimising and pulling together the skills I’ve gained working my ass off for near nothing since I was 18 years old.

I’m in a transition period and I have to choose what parts of Siren still serve me and how I can use her to make real change for the people I advocate for

I can’t keep justifying spending $700 and 3 days to teach a workshop in Melbourne for 1/3 of my teaching rate. I can’t sustain an endless cycle of never unpacking, not because I’m off travelling the world, but because “this networking opportunity could really go somewhere”

So 2019 is about taking a chance to be selective with my time, my heart, my energy, my health. It’s about finding a balance between living my life for the people I work for and building some semblance of a life for myself.”

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