Siren’s Birthday Gift Guide


I turn 25 at the end of April and every year I have people ask if I have a wishlist or something and while this is very sweet, I almost always forget to have one ready (I do have a deliverycode one but I don’t love their system). 
So for this year, I thought I would be outright extra and do my own gift guide.
This list is broken down into three sections: work, play and cosplay so you can choose what area you’d prefer to support.
The email address for gift cards and PayPal is


This category is ways you can support my teaching, content production, consultancy, blogging and writing and all the other ways I educate, create and advocate out in the world. If you like my core work this is the category for you. I’m happy to throw in a 30-minute skype coaching or consultancy session with items in this category if that’s something useful to you.

I have commissioned an amazing logo from Sam De Sa Gimenes of Barbed Wire Lust. I’m obsessed with their work can can’t wait to see the final project. Gift me this logo design by using PayPal to send $80USD to and you’ll receive some of the first SenSiren branded goodies and a thank you card!

With a new logo comes new business cards and other printed items, use PayPal to send $50 AUD to for new cards and flyers and I’ll send you branded goodies and a thank you card!

I want to take more beautiful product photos for my reviews and good lighting is key. Use PayPal to send $30 AUD to so I can buy a light box and I’ll send you branded goodies and a thank you card!


These are sex toys I really want to either play with or review. The easiest way to help in this category is to send an online gift card to (or just PayPal the amount).

I love gift cards from:

Toys I really want to review for the blog and play with are:

If any company or retail sends me any of these toys I will review it here on the blog in accordance with my review policy.  Private supporters have the option of photosets of the toys first use.


You may not know this but I will be hosting SEXPO Cosplay in Sydney this year and thus need a new cosplay! Here are a few pieces you can purchase to help me make that happen! Supporters will receive a photoset in costume! (Your choice of SFW or NSFW). Please send the amount via gift card or PayPal to

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