Must Reads: January 2018


Welcome to my curated collection of some of my favourite articles, twitter threads and essays from the past month. January is very #metoo & sexual harassment and assault heavy so proceed with caution. There’s also a great piece on Invasion/Australia Day and a healthy dose of sex work, Star Wars and a little bit of queer pettiness to give you a pick me up after all the real shit. <3

(Sorry it’s late, February will come out quite soon too so I can hopefully get a good schedule going for the rest of the year)

I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter by Geraldine DeRuiter

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I’m usually not a huge lover of extended metaphor but DeRuiter really kills this one. Poinient and heartbreaking.

Aziz Ansari, Consent And The Difference Between “Okay, Fine” And Yes
by Giselle Au-nhien Nguyen

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We all read Babe’s Ansari piece and this was one of my favourite things that came in its wake. Nguyen’s far too relatable personal narrative hammers home their point – “A coerced, frightened, resigned compliance is not the same as an enthusiastic yes” – and is so wonderfully validating in a storm of “why didn’t she just leave?” tweets.

Whoring & Hollywood Twitter Thread by Lorelei Lee

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Lorelei is an absolute queen on any given day but this thread about how some of the loudest voices in the Hollywood wave of #metoo have also been actively against sex work and the implications whorephobia has for survivors who are sex workers is particularly incredible.

‘Rick and Morty’ co-creator Dan Harmon delivers raw account and apology for sexual harassment by Jess Joho

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I don’t think any apology can ever really fix anything when it comes to assault but this is the least shit one so far.

Anti-Vegetarianism Is Sexism in Disguise by Diana Spechler

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I LOVE THIS PIECE! I’ve been vego since late 2014 and the gendered nature of the discourse around not eating meat has been fascinating (and exhausting) to me. This Harper’s article examines the intersection of feminism and vegetarianism and the feminisation of empathy and compassion.

Why So Many Men Hate The Last Jedi But Can’t Agree On Why by Bitter Gertrude

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The title says it all really. I loved so much about The Last Jedi and this article really gets to the heart of all the male-led hate it received. Also points for the line: “The Last Jedi has become the Hillary Clinton of filmmaking.”

Summernats: What it’s like walking Australia’s largest car festival as a young woman
By Clare Sibthorpe

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Specific to the city of Canberra, Australia but definitely a universal experience for feminine people everywhere. I lived in Canberra for 5 years and the week-long car festival made walking to and from uni and work terrifying as carloads of drunk men trawled the streets harassing women with no repercussions. I’m glad this is being talked about.

What Happens When Sex Workers Put Women of Colour First by Allison Tierney

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So great to see Amber Ashton (and her #WOCW hashtag) getting the recognition she deserves after a number of white sex workers were hideous about her efforts to highlight Sex Workers of Colour. A must-read for white allies and sex worker allies alike.

To Celebrate Australia Day Is To Celebrate Violence by Amy McQuire

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January 25th, 2018 marked 230 years of white invasion of Australia and the genocide of the Indigenous people. A lot was written and said this year re: changing the date but no symbolic gesture will make a difference until we acknowledge the true history of white Australia.

Critical Line-by-line Examination of Reid Mihalko’s Apology by A.V. Flox

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Kelly Shibari’s powerful story about sexual misconduct about sex educator Reid Mihalko was confronting for so many people in the sex ed/blogger community. Reid has been a very powerful and influential person in this area for so many years that there was a distressingly low amount of public discourse about it online. Apparently, a lot has been said in private chats but I personally think people should have spoken just as loudly (if not more so) as they did about Louis CK or Ansari. Someone needed to call bullshit and A.V. Flox‘s thread speaking out and deconstructing Mihalko’s ”apology” was so important and brave.

Literally Just 18 Really Fragile Straight People by Andy Golder & Christian Zamora

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What it says in the box. Some much needed fun in a month of men being shit and white people being shit and SWERFs being shit.

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