Must Reads: Feburary 2018


Here’s your monthly wrap up for February 2018 is a bit of a mixed bag but I love the overall themes of empowerment and effective allyship. One day these will line up with the months they’re about, I promise! lol

A Guidebook for Talking About Race (Audio) interview with Ijeoma Oluo
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Pretty much what it says on the box. Found it via the 2 Dope Queens social media, so I take that as a solid endorsement!

What Everyone Can Learn from Sex Workers About How to Screen Dates by Allison Tierney
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Pretty much the whole sex work world has a crush on Jane Way right now and rightly so. This is an awesome take on the “Fuck Like A Pornstar” trope. Screening your dates should be just as important for civilians as it is for sex workers and I’m very much in favour of normalising this behaviour.

Recently when heading home with a cis-dude after a good first date I asked for his full name and address to send to my safety people and he pretty much accused me of planning to rob him. Because obvious THAT was the worst possible outcome in that situation. =/

We need the people we date, but especially cis men, to understand the risks women and GNC folk face when dating and not to be weird or aggressive about these kind of measures. I love that this piece empowers people to stand up for their well-being and not prioritise potential dates feelings over their own safety. Worth Sharing.

7 Microaggressions Trans People Face in Health and Mental Healthcare Settings by Jesse Khan
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Accessible and inclusive public health is something I am endlessly passionate about and this piece highlights some of the things I see and hear about far too often. I highly recommend for anyone in the medical field obviously, but also for all cis people in order to gain insight into the lived experience of trans people. Originally posted on Lighthouse.

9 Ways to Help Boys Form the Close Friendships They Crave by Phyllis Fagell
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Patriarchy hurts men too. Patriarchy limits and isolates men. And patriarchy gets men young. I adore this article because we need to seriously change how we raise boys and men, not only for the sake of women but also for men themselves. We do them a disservice from such a young age and this piece outlines some amazing starting places to start dismantling our broken idea of masculinity.

Gay Life Flourished in Berlin Before Nazis Snuffed It Out by Oliver Hilmes
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I’ve been a little obsessed with pre-war Berlin since I was a teen but beyond that, I really love how this article gives a glimpse into queer history before Stonewall. We have always been here, we have always found a way to establish our own spaces, queer is nothing new and isn’t going anywhere.

Corporations shouldn’t get to decide who is and isn’t queer by @fury_writes
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Just a brief but great critique of corporate allyship and the importance of not letting companies and organisations after the “pink dollar” define our communities.

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