3 Cute Dresses for Holiday Dates

This is super late but it was like 80% written and I don’t want to wait a year to publish it and these dresses are now on sale and still super cute, so – sorry not sorry.

Slight change of pace for my blog but in addition to being a full-time sex nerd, you’ve probably noticed I’m also a full-time femme. I’m personally a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas but my heart definitely gets a boner for the spike in opportunities to look stunning! Dangerfield have not sponsored this post but I have used affiliate links so you can support my work while looking hella cute. 

[By the way I’m Australian, so you won’t see any winter woolies here. You can totally add stockings, a cozy coat and boots to these looks if it’s not 47 degrees (C) where you live.]

Date #1: Ice Cream and Fairy Lights

Wild & Proud Dress by Revival, RRP $98AUD, Size 6-18
Wild & Proud Dress by Revival, RRP $98AUD, Size 6-18

The end of the year is exhausting: work is winding up, deadlines start to loom, family politics reach boiling point, you’re faced with 5-hour drives that would usually take two and omnipresent Christmas music really start to take its toll on morale.

Finding energy to make quality time for you and your sweetie-pie (or sweetie-pies) can easily slip into the “too hard” basket. Enter one of my top holiday dates – Christmas Lights!

Wait until dark, jump in the car, throw on some folk-pop and dive into suburbia to take in the magic that is your friendly neighbourhood Santa Wars. Get out and take selfies with the most extra displays you can find, steal kisses at stop signs, sing along to that Neutral Milk Hotel album and then when you’ve reached your limit of twinkle-twinkle hit up your local gelato bar for debrief and chill…

Date #2: Christmas Night Beach Walks

Sweet Prickles Dress, RPP $108AUD, Size 6-18
Sweet Prickles Dress, RPP $108AUD, Size 6-18

For me personally, there’s nothing less sexy than Christmas Day. Extended family, heavy meals, Christmas carols and novelty t-shirts are an antidote to the erotic. By 5pm I’m usually tired, grumpy and the breakfast mimosas are finally catching up to me. Thankfully my beautiful hometown of Newcastle is right on the coast so an evening escape is easy. Excusing yourselves once the festivities have calmed down give you a chance to process any family drama, walk-off trifle-induced indigestion and get some fresh air.

Practical and romantic, getting back to nature and slowing down reduces your chance of accidentally snapping over something you would normally brush off and/or gives you a chance to step away from the bubbles and sherry and clear your head. If you aren’t coastal, go bush or find a quiet park – anywhere you can be together in nature is good. Christmas can be a lot and a little self-care goes a long way.

Date #3: Betwixt Christmas & New Years Movie Chill

Night Changes Dress, RRP $78AUD, Sizes 6-18
Night Changes Dress, RRP $78AUD, Sizes 6-18

What day is?
What year is it?
Who am I?
What’s happening?

It’s widely acknowledged that those long days between Christmas Day and New Year exist in a strange limbo where purpose and linear time cease to exist. Rather than try and keep on schedule, I suggest leaning in and just go with it. Leave non-vital emails alone, take a break from content creation and get away from family for a bit (or take quality time with them if that’s your jam).

It’s the perfect time to go sit in the dark with industrial air conditioning and see something brainless. It’s good for snuggling but I recommend keeping it PG because the cinemas are usually packed at this time of year and those people didn’t consent to your exhibitionism.

Grab a drink somewhere romantic or sexy after and talk about the movie and then bang on the living room couch and fall asleep watching Brooklyn 99 for the eighth time.

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